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Healthy Swine Breeding Stock & Semen

Welcome to the site of the largest PIC Multiplier--a producer of breeding stock derived from PIC genetics--in the United States. Because of our size, the extreme isolation of our facilities, our long history of healthy animals, and our unmatched reputation, Sandy Pine Systems, Inc. is in a class of its own when it comes to offering its customers:

Dependable and flexible delivery of breeding stock and semen
Dependable feed-efficient genetics
Dependable health of stock with low risk of disease
Dependable customer service

Sandy Pine Systems is backed by PIC and PIC genetics--the international leader in providing genetically superior PIC breeding stock and support to the global pork chain.

Our live breeding stock ships primarily to the following states:

South Dakota

Our Gene Center can securely ship semen to our artificial insemination (A.I.) customers wherever they are located.

When you buy from Sandy Pine Systems, Inc., you are buying value supported by:

Measurable & proven results that come from being a PIC multiplier
High biosecurity provided by the extreme isolation of our facilities
Assurance that all facilities are currently PRRS & Myco negative
Three decades of healthy stock and satisfied customers

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