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We were the first PIC multiplier herd in this area of Nebraska. Founded in 1984 by Greg and Vicki Wilke, Lost Island started as a 450-sow PIC multiplier. In May of 1985 construction began on a separate gilt finishing site located away from the breeding herd. Expansion of the sow herd to 600 head began in May of 1987. Then we grew to 1,500-sows in 1991 and added an off-site nursery to become a 3-site split multiplication unit.

In 1997 we expanded again; this time to 3,400 sows. Most recently, we increased to 5,700 sows in the beginning of 2008. Our split site nursery and finishers allow us to sell gilts at any size to meet our customerís needs. Multi-weight orders are welcome.

Lost Island is located in an isolated part of the Nebraska sand hills, supplying gilts to customers throughout Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, and western Iowa.

100% artificial insemination since 1995.

  1. Frequent consultations with our herd veterinarian, Larry L. Coleman DVM.
  2. Monthly health status testing to verify that we are PRRS, Mycoplasma, Brucellosis, and Psuedorabies free.
  3. Our own isolated bio-secure Boar Stud, supplying semen for ourselves & customers wishing to use this service.

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