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Whitetail began production in 1997 as a 2500-sow PIC isowean multiplier. This filtered sow farm is located in an isolated part of the Nebraska sand hills and currently supplies gilts to customers throughout Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, and western Iowa. Since its origination, the farm has incorporated artificial insemination. Whitetail is currently at 5000 sows and equipped to deliver quality PIC products.


Whitetail currently provides customers with isowean gilts and an option to package the gilts with semen from our very reputable Sandy Pine Gene Center. Whitetail produces approximately 1500 head of select gilts per week.


Whitetail realizes the importance of herd health in successful pork production and encourages vet-to-vet consultations prior to any initial shipment. Consultations with the herd veterinarian, Larry L. Coleman DVM, occur frequently along with regular weekly health status testing for PRRS, PED, and PEDco. In addition, Whitetail tests for Brucellosis, Pseudorabies and Mycoplasma on a monthly basis. Our herd has been stocked from Mycoplasma free sources and PIC has validated Whitetail as Mycoplasma negative. We have our own biosecure boar stud supplying semen for ourselves and to customers wishing to use this service.

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