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PIC327: The Industry's Leading Lean Production Boar

The PIC327 is an AI boar focused on maximum lean production at least cost. The 327 is RN/Halothane Gene free and has a strong reputation for:

Excellent growth rate and feed efficiency
Low backfat levels and high lean content

The emphasis of this boar is on reducing production costs and capturing value for the highest lean content in the progeny of PIC boars. His progeny can be efficiently taken to very heavy slaughter weights with low backfat levels.

PIC337: The Industry's Leading Growth Rate Boar

The PIC337 is North America's best selling boar. This boar has excellent growth rate and feed conversion ratios that can take market hogs to heavier weights in fewer days, while decreasing the cost of gain. The 337 produces high yield carcasses with an emphasis on meat quality.

This focus on growth makes the PIC337 ideal for:

Maximizing weight gain in a fixed time
Going to heavier market weights with same barn turnover
Faster barn turnover by reaching market weight in a shorter time

PIC359: Robust Lean Growth.

The PIC359 is designed for producers looking for robust lean growth with excellent percent lean. This cross-bred boar performs well in challenging environments with the continued high growth rates and feed converion you expect from PIC sires. This all-around boar is an excellent choice for producers looking for a more robust sire.

PIC280: The Industry's Leading Meat Quality Boar

The PIC280 is the meat quality boar. Its superior meat quality and marketability make this Duroc boar ideal for packers. The 280 has a high lean percentage with excellent growth rates and feed efficiency.

The 280 is perfect for:

Production durability and soundness
Excellent growth rates and feed efficiency to heavy market weights
High lean percent
Superior pork quality and marketability

This powerful combination is the result of PIC's innovative quantitative genetic program coupled with the latest DNA marker technology for meat quality.

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