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CAMBOROUGH®: Fast Growing, Efficient and Lean

PIC Camborough® females consistently provide the highest pigs weaned per litter. They produce fast-growing, efficient and lean pigs, leading the industry in feed efficiency.

The International Standard

Sow productivity is a key production trait for producers around the globe. Since the introduction of the first Camborough® female, PIC has been setting the standard for total born, pigs weaned, litter weaning weight, mothering ability and overall lifetime reproductivity.

In addition, PIC recognizes the maternal contribution to growing pig performance and marketability. The PIC Camborough® family offers female optionsthat combine proven prolificacy with demonstrated superiority in feed efficiency, growth rate and carcass quality. Backed by a genetic program focused on continually improving your operations efficiency. Itís not hard to see why the Camborough® family continues to be the international standard in female genetics.

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