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Sandy Pine Gene Center: Foremost Bio-secure Gene Center in the Midwest

  1. Highest Health Status Available - The longest continuous PRRS negative stud containing only PIC boars in the industry
  2. Committed to Progress - Providing the latest genetics tools available from PIC for maximum profit potential.
  3. Dedicated Semen Delivery - Insuring timely delivery and maximum biosecurity.
  4. Complete Genetics Package - PRRS negative PIC replacement gilts and semen from the same high health status source.
Sandy Pine Gene Center's goal is to provide its customers with the latest genetic tools available, presented uner the highest health status in the industry, that will allow them to realize the maximum profit potential possible in today's swine industry.

Sandy Pine Gene Center is located in a well isolated part of the Nebraska Sandhills, supplying semen to commercial customers throughout Nebraska, South Dakota and western Iowa, as well as a large PIC gilt multiplication system.
  1. Semen from Terminal & Maternal PIC Sires - Sandy Pine can make available semen from all PIC genetic lines.
  2. Constant EBV Management - Insuring customers they are receiving the most up-to-date genetics available.
  3. Disease Monitoring - Blood & semen testing protocols designed to minimize the risk of disease transmission from the stud to sows.
  4. Isolation & Vaccination - Protocols in place to prevent disease entry into the stud, with continuous monitoring thereafter.
  5. Strict Biosecurity - Visitors are NOT allowed!
  6. Contingency Backup - Affiliated with a PIC semen supply system having over 1,000 boars in production to provide uninterrupted semen supply to Sandy Pine customers in case of a catastrophic event causing temporary closure of the stud.
Sandy Pine implements up-to-date semen processing technology and inputs to provide its customers with the highest quality product available in the industry. Constant EBV evaluation and management of the boars on stud insure continuous genetic improvement in your herd. If your swine production system is in need of a reliable, high quality source of the best genetics available in the industry, from terminal and maternal semen to isowean or mature gilts. Contact us for complete details.

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